Receive Missed Call Hits & SMS With Missed Call Numbers & Dual VMNs

Missed call numbers and Dual VMNs allow you to open an easy, cost-effective 2-way communication channel with your customers via a simple missed call or SMS. Our platform also allows you to flexibly manage inbound missed calls and messages either by setting up automated replies or by forwarding them to your email/application/mobile. You can also export the customer data to add to your contact lists or CRM system. What’s more, all these actions can be performed easily via the BulkSMS web portal or APIs and require no technical expertise.

Whether you want to expand your contact database or provide information via two-way SMS communication, Seawind Bulk SMS has the answer!

BulkSMS offers two ways to start receiving missed calls

Missed Call Number

(10-Digit Number)

Customers can give missed calls at zero cost to them. The call automatically gets disconnected after 1 ring.

Dual VMNs

(10-Digit Number)

Customers can give missed calls and text into (SMS) dual VMNs. Missed calls incur zero costs & for SMS, standard rates apply.

Easily manage missed call hits and inbound SMS with Bulk SMS

Seawind Bulk SMS stores all SMS messages/missed call numbers from your customers and prospects in one place, neatly organizing them into relevant inboxes based on the missed call number or dual VMN (with relevant Keyword combinations).

Every Bulk SMS inbox comes with the ability to perform actions upon receipt of a message i.e., forwarding to relevant email addresses or CRM applications. They come packed with features to help you manage and automate your data.

Two-way communication channel

Create as many inboxes as you want, with different missed call numbers, short codes, long codes, and keywords.

Schedule automated replies

Compose an automated SMS response that is sent to every customer who texts into your inbox. What’s more, you can include attachments and links and also, schedule responses after a certain time.

Easily store contacts

We provide a private Seawind Inbox that stores all your contact numbers. Alternatively, you can easily export them to your contacts list.

Forward to any application

Automatically send all incoming messages to a URL, so that your application can receive the text message and act upon it. This is useful for integrating SMS with your website or CRM application.

Email forwarding

Automatically forward all incoming messages to an email address (or multiple email addresses), for free. You can reply via email and we will send the reply SMS back to the customer.

Email auto-replies

If an email address is contained within an incoming SMS, you can set up an automated email response to the recipient at no extra cost. Send brochures and other attachments in your email message.

Forward to a mobile

Automatically forward all received messages to your mobile. It costs one credit to forward a message to your phone.

Forward to a group

Automatically forward received messages to a pre-selected Seawind contact group. This will cost the same SMS credits as sending an SMS campaign to them.