Create and Send Mobile Tickets, Vouchers and Loyalty cards

Mobile tickets

Sending mobile tickets is a great way to give your customers one-time access to an event, movie, concert, or activity, and validate/monitor customer activity. You can send unique codes for single/multiple use according to your business use case. These can be used for:

  • ID verification
  • Click and collect code
  • Event ticket
  • Offer linked to a specific customer account
Mobile vouchers

Mobile vouchers are a powerful way to collect mobile numbers and generate leads. The vouchers are tracked at an individual level and can be sent to as many your business need requires. You can use mobile vouchers to send:

  • Discount voucher
  • Free delivery on an order
  • Free gift with a qualifying purchase
Mobile loyalty cards

Track customer activity and inculcate loyalty by rewarding multiple purchases with Textlocal mobile loyalty cards. Offer a discount on the third purchase, or extend freebies after multiple actions/visits to encourage repeat transactions.

Configure your ticket

Give your ticket, voucher or loyalty card a name, then select either a single use or multi-use.

Single Use

Select single-use if you want to create a ticket or voucher that can only be redeemed once.

Multi use

Select multi-use if you want to create a loyalty card that can be redeemed multiple times.