Bypass the DND registry and reach out to all your opt-in customers. It’s free!

Bulk SMS myDND Manager builds and updates your opt-in customer list based on explicit customer requests. Customers can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime by just sending a simple SMS to your inbox. Whether you are a restaurant sending promotional offers or a stockbroker sending stock alerts, myDND manager helps you reach out to the right audience, overcome DND restrictions and maximize your delivery rates.

Opt-in list

An opt-in list or a subscription list is a database of customers interested in hearing directly from you. By explicitly opting into your messages, these customers will receive all your messages – promotional and transactional – irrespective of their DND preference. myDND manager updates the subscription list for you based on inbound START/STOP requests from your customers.

Compliant with TRAI’s regulations

Our built-in subscription tracker helps keep your opt-in list compliant with regulations. Your opted-in customers get timely reminders prompting them to renew their opt-in preference. They are automatically removed from the opt-in list if they fail to renew their subscription within 180 days from their last consent.

3 great ways to setup myDND Manager

Maximize your reach with opt-in messaging. Get started now!

Free service on our shared long code

Activate your free myDND manager service on our shared long code by choosing a keyword available with us. You only pay for the messages sent out. Sign up for your free messenger account now!

On a premium short code

Short numbers are easy to remember and offer a great way for your customers to easily opt-in. Messaging to a short code incurs a small fee (around Rs. 2-Rs. 3) for your customers. Contact us to get started with your own premium short code!

On a dedicated long code

Long numbers offer a cost effective way to opt-in for your customers without incurring the small fee that’s associated with short codes. Contact us to get started with your dedicated long code!